Paid partnership: how to tag brands on my idea pins?

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Hi, I have some problems with using paid partnership tools. I cannot tag brands on my idea pins. This issue is because of the fact that I can't see anything other than 'engagement settings' in advanced setting on finishing touches screen. I want to let you know that I live in Turkey. So, may this problem occur due to this fact, that is, is it related to the region I live in?

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Hello from USA @iremincei 😁

Great question! The fastest way to troubleshoot this is to contact Help Center with a screenshot of you Advanced Setting screen. They would be able to let you know if it's due to your location or a technical issue.

Would you be able to send a screenshot of your Advanced Settings screen? Here is what mine looks like and I'm located in the United States:


If it is a technical issue, try this first:

  • Reboot your mobile device
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Update to the latest iOS version
  • Try switching from data to Wi-Fi (or vice versa)

If the following steps don't work, definitely let the Help Center know you already tried the above steps already. That way they can escalate to a specialist to save you time. Also including a video/screenshot always speeds up the process.

Help Center can be contacted at:

Good luck!



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