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Need Assistance with Pinterest Tag and Event Tracking Issues on My Website

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Hello everyone,

I'm encountering a problem with Pinterest Business. Although I have installed the tag, Pinterest is not detecting any actions on my site. The event history displays "No activity detected. Contact your technical representative at your mobile usage statistics partner (MMP)."

On the tag manager page, it says "Apparently, you can install the Pinterest tag on using", even though the tag is already correctly installed. Additionally, the filter for the 'addtocart' event also seems not to be working.

I have already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the tag, but the problem persists.

Do you have any suggestions or advice on how to resolve these issues?

French :

Bonjour à tous,

Je rencontre un problème avec Pinterest Business. Bien que j'aie installé la balise, Pinterest ne détecte aucune action sur mon site. L'historique des événements affiche "Aucune activité détectée. Contactez votre représentant technique auprès de votre partenaire de statistiques d’utilisation mobile (MMP)."

Sur la page de gestionnaire de balise, il est indiqué "Apparemment, vous pouvez installer la balise Pinterest sur à l’aide de", alors que la balise est déjà correctement installée. De plus, le filtre pour l'événement 'addtocart' ne semble pas fonctionner non plus.

J'ai déjà tenté de désinstaller puis de réinstaller la balise, mais le problème persiste.

Auriez-vous des suggestions ou des conseils pour résoudre ces problèmes ?

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Hi @lindoevolveserviceclient, and welcome to the PBC! 😊

I have checked your website and, although the base code is present, I tested your add to cart event and it isn't working as expected. This is why the tag is showing as unhealthy. Please review your Pinterest tag implementation and make sure that the events are placed correctly. You can use this Help Center article to do so.

You can also use the Pinterest Tag Helper to check if the events are working. if you're using a Shopify website. If you would like, you can use the Shopify+Pinterest app, that will automatically implement the Pinterest tag on your website (and also connect a catalog). 

Bear in mind that it can take up to seven days after an event is fired for the Pinterest Tag to be considered healthy, so you'll just need to wait for it to be updated. I would recommend checking Ads > Conversions and making sure that Pinterest is receiving the Tag fire information.  

I hope you were able to solve it. Let us know if you have any questions!

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