My Account Pins have been Deindexed + Support Not Replying

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My Issue No. 274289

My Account whole pins have been de-indexed completely from Pinterest search suddenly. My account facing spam/bug like issue where my whole pins have been deindexed all at once. Even if I search for my username in Pinterest search - result is only spam/stolen pins. Not a single pin pointing to my site.

This had happened with me in June and I had to struggle explaining the issue to the support constantly and after 3-4months of constant emailing and convincing them that my account is facing issue. The issue was fixed in November. Now again the same exact issue has happened.

I am constantly emailing support from last 12 days and I am getting NO reply + even if I get a reply its like - I am sending this issue to internal team and then the ticket is getting closed.

This is happening constantly from the last 12 days. I am afraid that this might again take 3-4months of constant emailing to get the issue fixed?

I am going to ask @PinterestGabby @Anonymous @Anonymous @pinterestjanice or anyone from Pinterest team to kindly look into my issue and get my issue fixed instantly this time, without having me to wait again for 3-4months! I would be thankful

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I have the same issue. I also decided to concentrate on SEO. 

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@modernfiftytv Just give it 3-6 months.

In the meantime, fix your image alts (alt="[insert description with SEO Keywords]"), titles, internal links (did you know that all your Pinterest pins are a backlink to your site, even though they are nofollow?), use the "Search related to" under Google results, etc. 

Looking back, Pinterest just made us all lazy - we could pin 10 images and get 100s-1000s of visitors. But, I think that was always the plan - reel us in and when we're dependent on them for traffic, boom... switch the algo.

I haven't pin a single thing since December 20 and all of a sudden Pinterest is sending me pin suggestions for my boards, my views are improving (still low). Prior to this (Nov, Dec) I wasn't getting any of that. 

When I resume pinning, I'll just pin 2 good images after I've posted a new article and walk away - the scales have cleared from my eyes.

Bottom line is, diversify. 


Plot twist, what if customer service is 1 person with multiple monikers? I mean, they all sound the same to all of us.

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@Ameliabeg01, I can bet you, you won't get a response from those you tagged.

They just pack us all in here, ‘award’ a badge here and there, as if we're doing anything special.

“wohooo, I got a ‘10 kudos badge’, I'm going places ma


Hey, I have an idea... Let's all upload screenshots of the canned reply we got, at least it'll be fun.


What do you think?

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I have having this same exact issue.I have sent atleast 30 emails and have been met with the same generic replies.I am not sure what to do at this point

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I've been trying to fix the same issue for an year. But nothing is working for me. It seems like Pinterest don't want many creators. They're happy with a few creators. For that reason, I'll stop using Pinterest. I'll concentrate on Google SEO. Because I'm getting a good amount of traffic from Google Search Engine. Google is not a hypocrite like Pinterest. 

Whoever facing this issue, don't waste your time on Pinterest anymore. 

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