Make sure you are including Product IDs in your Checkout events.

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using this plugin Pinterest for WooCommerce on my site and few errors. how can ı fix it. can you help me.

--Make sure you are including Product IDs in your Checkout events. A Product ID can be any format that you choose as long as it matches the format used by your Catalog.
--This should be the total value of the completed order, without commas, currency symbols. Tax or shipping should not be included. For example, if a user completes checkout for a 10 USD item and a 12 USD item, Value would be 22. Example values: 1000, 100.50, 10000.00.
--If you choose to include Currency with your Checkout events, make sure you follow the ISO 4217 format. If left blank, this will default to your Pinterest billing currency. Example Values: USD, GBP, CAD, EUR
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Hi @divjewelry, and welcome to the PBC! 🙂 

I have checked your website and tested your Page Visit and your Add to Cart events and they're working as expected. Since you're using a WooCommerce implementation, the Checkout event should be working as well. It can take up to seven days after an event is fired for the Pinterest Tag to be considered healthy, so you'll just need to wait for it to be updated.

I would recommend checking Ads > Conversions and making sure that Pinterest is receiving the Tag fire information. If your getting sales and the Checkout event is not firing, please, reach out to WooCommerce so they can 
assist you with their plugin. 

I hope you were able to solve it. Let us know if you have any questions!

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