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Issue with firing Pinterest event tags

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We're having a weird issue with the Pinterest tracking code on our website.


We have different versions of our website, dedicated to different languages. On all versions, the Pinterest base code works fine. However, the "event" tag used to send specific pixel events (like pagevisit, addtocart, checkout etc.), works on some but doesn't fire at all on others, no matter what I try.


Tracking is managed via Google Tag Manager (both base pixel and event tags) on all websites. This shouldn't be the source of the issue, since the implementation works perfectly fine via Tag Manager on some versions of the site.

Possible fixes already tested that didn't work

  • Both custom HTML tags and Pinterest tag model within GTM have been tried. The problem persists no matter what.
  • The base code does fire before any event tag. The problem thus doesn't come from synchronicity issues.
  • We've tried enabling/disabling advanced matching within Pinterest, to no avail. We've also tried leaving the "email" field empty, populating it with valid data, or removing it altogether. None of those changed anything.

How to reproduce the issue

Working case
  1. Go to the english version of our website
  2. With the Pinterest Tag Helper extension, here you should see the base code firing properly.
  3. Open the DevTools (F12) and go to console.
  4. Try firing any event (adding a callback function to monitor success), for instance


pintrk('track','pagevisit', {}, (fired, didntFire) => {
    fired ? console.log('success') : console.log('error')


You should see the console log "sucess" and the tag firing properly. Normally, the Pinterest Tag Helper should also show the event fire.



Problematic case : 

  1. Go to the french version of our website

Repeat steps 2 to 4.
You should see the following console error.


After looking at the problematic line within "Sources", it seems like it comes from the Pinterest tag's logic, especially with the part dealing with aem (advanced matching). But knowing that only doesn't really help, and we still don't know how to get it work, or what is causing the problem.

If someone has any idea what's going, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂




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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@PinterestThalyta  Can you take a look at this please?

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I'm not too familiar with Pinterest Tag. @PinterestBreno do you think you can help here, please?

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Hello, little bump! 😄

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @riluxa! Thanks for coming to the community and for providing so much detail in your post! This was really helpful and I shared this internally with our team. They said that it looked like a potential bug and they mentioned that you already filed a ticket. We're going to have one of our agents re-open your ticket to take a look so be on the watch for a response from a member of our support team here shortly! Thanks for bringing this to our attention and coming to the PBC, we hope to see you around. 🙂 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @riluxa, I'm sorry I haven't seen this earlier! 

First of all thank you so much for all the detailed information, this is really helpful for us to troubleshoot! As @PinterestGabby mentioned, one of our agents re-opened the case you already filled and they should be able to help you out better through there. What I can say from my brief investigation is that on both versions of the website I didn't identify any issues with the base code itself - but I was not able to track page visit events. What we can do on the support side is pull a list of all pages where the event codes are firing, then you can verify the pages that are not firing properly. Either way we can investigate more through there.

In the meantime, there are two articles that I always use for this cases is this one on event codes from our help center - and this one from our developers center. 

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Hi guys, thanks for your replies! 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you then 🙂

@PinterestBreno : Thanks for looking at it, I'm surprised you couldn't send a pagevisit event on the english version? Normally it works, I tried it just now. I'm on Chrome, but it should work on any browser. 

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