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I need to establish my target audience for UK visitors only

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Hi there. The biggest problem with my ads, my campaigns, my current campaign, is that it doesn't bring visitors from the UK when my target audience is there and only all the campaigns are set up there. Many American visitors will come. I only need UK visitors! All my campaigns were / are set to local UK only. But this will not happen. My advanced targeting is not turned on. So I don’t understand why UK visitors don’t come from Pinterest. They come mainly from US. What to do? What do you advise? Please help!

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Pinterest Pioneer


Glad you made it to the PBC!

I was reading through your post and I am thinking that perhaps your advanced targeting should be turned on to encourage more traffic from the UK as I believe the standard targeting (if you haven't made any changes is the United States).

I am no Ad guru but I do use Ads and in my experience you have to set up your target audience in Advanced Target - As a note you can also do this on your mobile devices which is a lot quicker.

Mobile Devices

Open Pinterest
Click the icon up in the left hand corner of your screen
In the drop down menu click Ads
An Ads Page will open and from there you can make changes to the Ads that are currently running

I hope this helps you.


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