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I don't understand any of this! Tags here but not there, created pins vs saved pins, some pins show

Just visiting

I converted from personal to business but my entire board doesn't show in "created". Do I have to create them again? I already created them, how do I get them moved? Do they show like my "created" pins? IDK, I can't see what my "page(?)" looks like to anybody but myself.

The instructions are so vague.

I agree it's super user simple if all you are doing is saving pins.

It's super confusing if you are trying to create something for people to save or follow.


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Hi @twokidsknits, @favelli_home@easternshoremathteacher welcome to PBC! Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sharing your experience on the community. What you'll want to do is file a ticket with our team using this link, they will be able to diagnose and figure out what's going on with your account. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime, and keep us posted on the resolution with support. 👍

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