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I have this issue with my pinterest catalog. And pinterest wont approve my application to become a verified merchant because of this. Any Idea how to solve this?coffeeandchristshop_0-1685183036392.png




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Hi @coffeeandchristshop, welcome to the PBC! 🙂 

You can set up a conversion source to measure the impact Pinterest is having on your business. You have the option of installing the Pinterest tag, using the Pinterest API for conversions, or uploading conversion files. If you set up a conversion source, it needs to be set up so that it tracks key conversion events and returns high-quality data on shopping-related events. To be included in the VMP, please make sure your conversion data has sent the following in the last 30 days:

1. At least one page visit event
2. At least one add to cart event

3. At least one checkout event
4. Checkout events have currency

You can check the full information here in our Help Center article. Hope this helps, let us know if you need anything! 

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