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How to gain more followers on Pinterest?

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Hi ! I'm starting to create pins to make traffic on my website. Can someone help me how to gain followers on my pinterest profile?


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Hi @directallied

The best way to do this is by understanding how Pinterest recommends content / shows pins to people... because it is a search and discovery platform, so thinking about it this way (sometimes we call this 'discoverability' of your account and pins!) will really help you grow. 

I'm going to drop a few links for you to read. This can be the start of your research on this topic! 

Pinterest Pioneer Michael wrote this excellent article about gaining followers: 

This article from Pinterest is one I read and re-read whenever I'm thinking about growth on the platform - both follower growth and discoverability. It's so helpful: 

I also wrote this post here in the forum about growth:

Lastly, this post is a GOLDMINE for anyone who is focusing on growing their Pinterest followers, because it gives you a peek inside the thought processes that many of us have when we’re deciding whether or not to hit that “follow” button. 


I hope you enjoy these! 

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