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Drop in the impressions of the new pins and responses from the Pinterest support

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Hi there!

For some time now I have had very few impressions on my new fresh pins. Even in the videos, which used to have hundreds of visualizations within a few minutes, I now have less than 20 a day. I was very surprised and wrote to Pinterest. I have read everything in several groups but I wanted them to give me an explanation. Their answers puzzled me.
The first one is the following:

“I can see you are using Tailwind, Pinterest encourages creators to publish new, original content on a regular basis as the best way to build an audience on Pinterest. We encourage new publishing over Saving others' or your own already-pinned content. Pinners come to our platform to find new ideas and as we continue to update our service, we'll prioritize new original content published by creators over Saves. This is true whether you publish content through Pinterest directly or through a third party scheduling tool. Learn more about publishing your content in our help center.”

As they did not answer my question, which did not refer to the repins but to the new fresh pins (and manually pinned, not with Tailwind), I wrote to them again, they answered me again with the same message as at the beginning so I wrote to them again for the third time and this was their answer:

“Please note, your business account is not flagged for anything.

I have checked your account and I see that you have re-pins on your account.

We made changes to the algorithm to improve the user experience, which means more **quality** traffic. Recent changes may be due to updates we are making to prioritize new Pins over already-Pinned content.

It will take some time for the traffic to scale up as before. However, please be patient and keep creating the original content on a regular basis. Implementing the tips shared above can surely help here.”

After all this my doubt is: then the strategy of publishing a pin on several boards is no longer valid? Does this still have any advantage or is it no longer useful? Could I even penalize this? Should we focus only then on pinning new pins once?

I hope you understand everything well, English is not my first language so forgive me if there is any mistake, 🙂

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