Does your number of followers matter?

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Hi, was wondering if the amount of Pinterest followers you have impacts the organic reach of individual pins?

For example, does it influence the number of organic impressions?

I've heard that followers don't matter but would think that the more followers you have, the more impressions you'd get.

I've also heard that Pinterest shows your new pins to your followers first.  If that's true then that would lead me to think that followers do matter.

Any advice on this subject would be appreciated...

Thanks!  Jon

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The concept of followers is changing, probably due to the fact that so many businesses buy fake followers.

Above and beyond simply trying to accumulate a ton of followers, engagement is what is key no matter what. If your boards aren't seeing a lot of engagement, your ranking will fall. 



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Hi Jon,

Yes, I think the more engagements and followers you have the more organic impressions you get. By promoting your pins, you will automatically engage thousands and it does boost your ranking. The tricky thing is you keep having to promote pins to keep your ranking steady. I am not boosting my pins this month to see how drastically that effects my ranking. Pretty drastic- from 214,000 views to 97,000. 

It's all a grand experiment!

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Hi Jon,

You're correct to think that followers can increase your organic impressions because new pins you post are shown to those who follow you. Also, something to keep in mind is that Pinterest is becoming a paid advertising space which will likely place more emphasis on follower count than it has in the past. You can see this shift with the high distribution of Story Pins to keep users on the platform. I hope this helps! 

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