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Creative - What is Your Goal?

Loves to help

Greetings wonderful PBC community! Whether you are new to Pinterest or have contributed content for years, you recognize there has been changes on the platform. Changes for some may even inspire a revisit of the goal. Something important has remained the same, Pinterest is a visual creative. 

As you contribute to or browse this community, I encourage you to visit some Pinterest profiles from regular contributors - your favorite brands and creators. If they are your favorite, you probably find they are consistent with creative. Consistency is a good goal! But what are you consistent about? And, who cares to consume this consistently?  

@bohemianbranches asked a question on the forum that is worth sharing because the question represents a common goal - followers. Relating to the goal you might ask why someone would follow. Are they consistently inspired by you? What´s inspiring? What are they doing with your creative content?

Did you know you can have creative content shared all over Pinterest, even viral status without gaining many followers at all? This is SEO - I will write about this later.  

Perhaps your goal is coaching/training/consulting clients. In this engaged and helpful community, I bet we hear from some in this discussion thread. On Pinterest you must add value. Delivering content people can use, consistently, builds trust. Clients will come.

Catalog sales is a goal Pinterest has put front and center for some of us. Is catalog sales you goal? How does your shop tab look in regards to creative? I know we are scrambling to improve our secondary photos on product listings. How does your creative imagery, video and copy writing inspire saves? 

Perhaps you goal is to contribute a positive place on the Internet? Congratulations because you are why many come to Pinterest. How does your creative contribute to such a positive and healthy place? If you are consistent, it will work for you. Don´t stop!

Whatever your goal, you can see how we can all work together to achieve. What is your goal and how can we help?      




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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @ideachicretail! Great information!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this insightful post @ideachicretail there are some great takeaways here around consistent and inspiring content!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@ideachicretail Thanks for sharing this! Lisa

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