Conversion Insights View Missing from Business Access (Feature Request)

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Hi, PBC! My team and I work with Pinterest clients on marketing via both Organic and Ads. Although the Conversion Insights tool has been in [BETA] for awhile, and we know the KPIs themselves may not be accurate, it has displayed enough helpful analytics for our clients. The Insights also display at a quick glance the value we've provided them.

With the stronger drive towards the Business Access feature (which I LOVE because we are huge on security), I thought it was interesting that neither the Employee nor Partner access allows us to see anything more than the Organic data. We currently can't see the Paid Assisted nor the Paid Unassisted data. 

Just putting a feature request here in case there are fellow Pinterest specialists who include this data in their analytics reports. As always, we're thankful for the engineers who've worked hard to implement our past requests.

To also introduce myself, I've been marketing on behalf of clients here on Pinterest for several years (and geeked out on SEO for almost 2 decades). Now that my growing team is doing quite fine with and without me, I'm happy to take some time and connect with other PBC peeps. Looking forward to sharing information that can help each other elevate our client-serving skills in this special space! 🙂

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@fuzzytuxedomedia 👋

Glad you shared your thoughts + request here in the PBC! 

Glad you have some time to come hang out here in the PBC.

It's always lovely to meet other PBC members and learn more about them, and what they do; I think you will find many people who have geeked out on SEO here in the PBC, so you won't be alone 😉

I will share your request with @PinterestJazmin, who can probably pass on your request to the right team.

I look forward to seeing you in the PBC, and if you feel inclined to do so, perhaps you could create a conversation or post and share some of the things you have learned about using Pinterest - there are a lot of SMB owners and Creators here on the PBC who would love to learn more.




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Thanks @bodymindmood and @PinterestJazmin! I know the engineers have a full plate of priorities to tackle for us. 

That's a great idea re: lessons from Pinterest. 

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