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Cannot create "Conversions" campaign

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Hello, just joined today on Pinterest and trying to setup an ad campaign. The goal is to track conversion. However, everytime I click the "conversions" button on the create campaign page. I get a pop up saying "It looks as thought we haven't seen any Add to Cart, Checkout, Sign up or Lead events from your conversion data." And a button with "Set up conversions data"

I click on the button and website just refreshes. I've tested all my events and I can Add to Cart and Checkout just fine with Pinterest Tag Helper. 

I saw on a similar post of this issue that I might need to wait 48 hours?

Just wanted to know if this is still the case, I'm trying to set up a conversions campaign asap. Also, I'm in a third-party Pinterest community and some people have claimed that they haven't setup the tags properly and still able to run the conversions campaign. Can anyone shed some light into this matter? Thanks



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Hi @1o6s2mkt8lw5efs1qt0ewpz1j5tu1l, welcome to the PBC! 🙂 

Indeed, this is still the case! You'll need to wait the 48 hours until the campaign objective becomes available to you. 

The tag is essential to access the conversions campaign. Yo can learn more info about it in this article on our Help Center here

Give us a shout if you need anything! 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

From my experience running ads, if you are just starting out, I would recommend starting with a consideration campaign to season your tag a bit.  If your tags are set up properly, you will want to start feeding them data so the algorithm can learn WHO is more likely to convert.  Without that data, Pinterest cant serve your ads properly.  Once you get enough data on your conversion tags (sign up, add to cart, etc) you can switch it over to a conversion campaign.  

By waiting to have enough data on your tags first will help your campaign optimize faster to reach the right audience who will convert.

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