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Hi all!

I am an interior designer and have been using Pinterest from a long time only just to get design inspirations. But it has lots of more to offer us. Need all your help and support to learn about Pinterest, its community and business.

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Hi @amitagarwal_79, welcome to the PBC! 🙂

For new members, I would recommend checking out our Community Welcome Guide to learn how to get started. If you want to know how to become an engaged community member and learn more about our offerings, check out our How you can get involved article. I’m sure you’ll discover a lot of resources and peer-to-peer support that’ll help you find success on Pinterest! 

Regarding your business, on Pinterest you can promote it organically - just by posting content on your Pinterest page, or if you want to reach an even bigger audience, I suggest you read a bit about how ads on Pinterest work. To help, I've shared some resources below for you:

- Regardless if the content is going to be promoted or not, it's important that the Pins that are created are visually appealing - for that, I suggest you check out some tips on how to better work your content on Pinterest in this article.

- From an ads standpoint, I suggest you take a look at this post from our blog, it gives a general idea of most of the features we have on the platform today for ads.

- It would also be interesting to read this article about audiences on Pinterest - it might help you understand how to target your audience! I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions! 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@amitagarwal_79 hello and welcome to the PBC!

I know a lot of designers (both interior design and graphic design) who have used Pinterest for years simply for inspiration but are now using it as a way to get traffic to their website or new client leads.

Do you have an email list? Pinterest is a great source to get new subscribers from!  I'm sure you have a wealth of knowledge that you could share with your audience such as current design trends, room styling tips, design mistakes you see people make, etc.   This is great content for blog posts or even a lead-magnet opt in.   Create pins that lead to a landing page on your website with the opt-in form.  Once they are on your list nurture them and even offer your services.  

For additional pin content, you can create pins to your portfolio work (if you have it showcased on your website). 

Hope these tips helped! 🙂

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