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Adverting insights

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Hi I am just shopping around trying to get some insight on the idea of choosing Pins and Advertising any info will be appreciated.

My interest is men's, women and children's clothing and solar lighting. I published a few pins to see what happens. 

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Hi @jomo6tes, welcome to the PBC! 😄 

Thank you for your interest in promoting with Pinterest!   

As an advertiser on Pinterest, you can categorize your Pins into ad groups that target your business goals. Running a successful ad campaign can help you gain a loyal following of people on Pinterest and drive people to your website. Check out our Becoming an Advertiser on Pinterest article to help you understand the structure of campaigns, how to create a goal for your campaign, and more.  

Keep up with the Community to get advice from other businesses on Pinterest, and visit our Business site blog to get a few tips on how to get started. You can also check out the Workshop hosted by the Pinterest team about the basics of advertising on Pinterest! 

Give us a shout if you need anything!

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