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Ads - Not being able to select the keywords I want

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I was lucky to get into the Pinterest beta program for advertising years ago and it was fantastic.  Of course bid costs went up when it went live for everyone, but that was to be expected.  Fast forward all these years and any advertising I do here falls flat.  I was discussing this with another business owner and I think I've figured out what the big difference is.  I can't input the keywords that tailor to my pins and/or target searches like I could before.  For example, if I have a taco themed wedding save the date magnet design, I'd like to target searches like "save the date magnets" and "taco wedding".  Trying to input those keywords now during ad creation, I get the message "Sorry, we currently don't have enough data for this keyword" if I try to include those keywords.  Something more generic like "save the date ideas" will get through, but, that's going to show my pin to a lot of people whom aren't necessarily looking for an amusing taco themed wedding save the date magnet!  Am I the only one that has noticed this?  Or, is there a way to target searches that I'm missing?

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Hi @stdonexus, thanks for reaching out to us!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues. The best way for you to proceed in this case is by filing a ticket with our team at this link. They will be able to diagnose and help resolve your situation.

I hope you are able to solve it. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @stdonexus 

I tested it out and see what you're saying.  The reason your specific keywords are not showing up in the search is that the search volume for them is too low.  BUT, you can certainly still add them to your ad targeting by manually typing the keywords in the left column.   

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 8.26.28 AM.png


Since you are targeting a very niche wedding theme, I would start with around 100-150 keywords. Also check the box to "Enable Expanded Targeting".  Include a mix of broad and narrow terms.   For example:

  • outdoor wedding (broad)
  • taco wedding theme (narrow)
  • fiesta wedding theme (narrow)
  • save the date ideas (broad)
  • Taco bout love (narrow)
  • Mexican theme wedding (broad)

After a couple of weeks you can start to optimize the keywords in your campaign. Which keywords are spending but not converting or which are not spending at all?  Those keywords can be archived and you can add in a few new ones based on what is performing.  

Hope this helps!


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