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1/1/1 Attribution window.

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Hi there,

Can anyone explain to me attribution window 1/1/1 and when to use this setting?

Does it affect the optimization of a campaign if I would change these settings after launching a campaign?

Currently, I have my attribute window settings on 7/7/1. The reason I chose that setting is because I have heard that it may take a week or two for the campaign to optimize. But If I am trying to get conversions on day one that a customer views my ad shouldn't I choose a 1/1/1 attribute window?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @fitdailycrunches !
The attribution windows help you assess your data in the most convenient way for you.  It does not affect the way your campaigns are delivered. The numbers specify the amount of time that can pass between an ad event and a conversion before it is no longer reported. The events are Click / Engagement / View. 

For instance, a 7 day conversion window would allow a user to interact with an ad and wait 7 days and still count a conversion. For example:  a 30/7/1 window will report a conversion 30 days after a click, 7 days after an engagement, and 1 day after a view. 

I hope this clarifies!

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