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Introducing Vimeo to the PBC! 🎥

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Community Manager
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Greetings, community! We recently introduced one of our Pinterest Partners last week in the PBC and today, we’re excited to share another officiall partner who recently joined the community as an active member and contributor. Please give a warm welcome to @vimeo ! 

Vimeo Create is built to help businesses and creators design video ads and content that truly drives engagement. ICYMI, Vimeo Create recently became a Pinterest Partner this summer which now makes it easy to create and publish videos directly to Pinterest. To learn more about Vimeo Create, check out their website and blog! They even have Vimeo Video School which is jam-packed with tips on how to create world-class video content. 

We’re thrilled to have representatives from the Vimeo team to help answer questions or share best practices about using their product when creating content for Pinterest. Please join me in officially welcoming Vimeo to the community. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below or reach out to @vimeo directly! P.S. check out this video to see how you can make professional looking Video Pins using Vimeo Create. 


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Community Manager

Welcome, @vimeo!!! So excited to have you here!! 😍

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