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Why my Pinterest Catalog from Shopify not approved

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Hello, I tried linking my Shopify store to its Pinterest account. I used the Shopify Pinterest App to connect my store product catalog to Pinterest. When I look under Catalogs on my Pinterest account, I see the Shopify catalog is there but it is DISABLED and says: "Not approved". I clicked on the VIEW ISSUES button and it said: "Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement","Merchant's returns policy is unclear or unavailable".


1.My store and URL are more than 2 years old. How old must my domain be before I can use catalogs?
2.I have return policy at the bottom of my shopify store web.

I searched the documents but have not found an answer. Can someone please help me with this matter? Thank you!

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Hi @jiaoalex666666! Sorry about the delay but I just checked your profile and it seems you were able to successfully solve the issue. We would love to know what steps you took to solve it!

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I am having a similar issue with my pinterest which is 
I appealed one time, and it still rejected my catalog..only one more time left. When I checked the errors it says "Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements" and t"Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement" . My domain is  2 months and 15 days old, I heard that I need to wait till that the domain gets 3 months old. That I could understand but the issue with the minimum website quality requirments is really frustrating. My site has a user friendly interface, with unique product descriptions, all policies shown on footer. I still have no idea how to resolve this issue. Also I have only 1 time left to appeal. Please help me solve this issue. I emailed you guys but no response at all. 

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