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Verified merchant status is suspended

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My verified merchant status is suspended. Fix outstanding issues to rejoin the program.

How do I get assistant in fixing whatever is the problem? I can't seem to find a way to do so myself.

Please help.



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@dasilvar13241203 Hi Rosa, and welcome to the Community! 

In order to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we require merchants on Pinterest to meet our Merchant Guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please review them here, or in the initial email you may have received with more details. You can also review our Help Center article, which explains the eligibility requirements in more detail!

If your account violates the Merchant Guidelines, you will have 2 attempts to correct such violations. 

Thank you, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @dasilvar13241203 - did they give a reason for why your VM status was suspended?  One common reason I see is if your conversion tags (add to cart, checkout) aren't firing frequently enough.  Once you have a checkout transaction, within a day or two that suspension warning will go away.  

If that's not the reason, then I would recommend following @PinterestIvania's response by reviewing the Merchant Guidelines.

Good luck!

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