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Verified Merchant Program Tips


Hey there!

As I noticed there are a lot of questions regarding Verified Merchant Program, I would like to share some of my experiences.

What is VMP ?

The Verified Merchant Program helps people on Pinterest discover and buy from vetted brands. As a verified merchant, your Pins may appear organically to people who are searching for products and shopping on Pinterest.

Who Can Apply?

The VMP Program is open to businesses located in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK or the US.
To become a verified merchant, you need to have an active catalog, a functioning tag, and meet Pinterest's Merchant guidelines.

Application Process

So you should:
Connect your product catalog to create Pinterest Product Pins
Install the Pinterest tag on your website to get analytics
Pass the merchant review to receive your blue checkmark

See the guidelines :

What to Do if You Are Not Approved

The most common reasons for being denied is usually due to issues with your landing page.

It's better to check the following before applying:

-Grammatical errors, spelling errors, or excessive typos
-Forcing users to visit another page that is not yours
-Fuzzy, pixellated, or non-high quality images
-Multiple ads or popups you can’t close
-Unoriginal content in page sections or product descriptions
-Stock images
-Out of date/ out of season content (example: Christmas sales in February)
-Out of stock products
-Your shipping policy, return policy, and terms and conditions are not prominently displayed

I was rejected for the first time and I was asked to update return policy in my website . I received my blue mark only after I updated my my return policy.

I also advice you to check for the following:

-If your business name and social media name are consistent
-Social media posts are just memes or quotes
-Social media accounts haven’t had new content posted in the last 30 days
-Your Pinterest account isn’t at least three months old
-If your website domain matches the verified site on your Pinterest profile

If you have any questions, I would love to help. Feel free to comment below or send me a private message.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @AmericanoCrystals! This answered several questions I've had!

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@michaelbliss you are most welcome!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@AmericanoCrystals thank you for addressing these commonly asked questions! The checklist of what to look for if you are rejected along with your personal example is very helpful. 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@AmericanoCrystals Hi there this was great info and a lot of the information your sharing I have mentioned to others here on the PBC when they have run into problems getting approved.

Business Consistency and Website Policies seem to be the big issue for a lot of people.

Well Done You!

I have bookmarked this thread.


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@bodymindmood @PinterestJazmin Thank you! I hope it will be useful for Pinner who was looking for this kind of info!

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Posts regularly

Could you help me check why my account lose my blue marked? 

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Just visiting

Why is the "Out of stock items" being denied? Your links will be broken if you delete sold products. This is not good for the SEO of your website. Thanks.  @michaelbliss @bodymindmood @AmericanoCrystals @PinterestJazmin 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Tagging @andrealidesigns  for visibility  ^^

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@Linenlooks You may have lost your Verified status due to unhealthy tags or issues with your product catalog. 

A tag can register as 'unhealthy' if a 'checkout' event hasn't registered in a specific timeframe, usually 30 days. When this occurs, you will get a warning message to fix your tags within 30 days before losing your Verified Merchant status. 

To resolve this issue, create a $0.00 product and create a free shipping code to manually trigger the 'Checkout' event by completing a sale transaction on your site.

I hope this helps! 🤓📌

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