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Verified Merchant Program rejection

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Please help. The Verified Merchant program was disapproved unexpectedly. Problem "Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements". Please help me someone to understand what do I need to fix on my site:

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I saw your message and I had a look at your site, first off I think your site is great really love it.

To be honest, I am not clear why the status was removed but I saw some things that could potentially be the issue(s) - I have linked to the Merchant Guidelines + Advertising Guidelines and I have pasted snippets of the guidelines below addressing what I think could be the issue(s). These are my suggestions based on what I have seen on your website but I cannot and never guarantee that these are the exact reasons that status was removed I always encourage merchants to read the Merchant Guidelines including links that Pinterest has provided, there is some really important information in the guidelines that I think all merchants should know.

I would encourage you to make some changes and then wait 24 hrs before submitting an Appeal - Pinterest does daily feed syncing so consider allowing time for your feed to sync and remember you have 30 days to make necessary changes before you file an Appeal, definitely do not use up the number of Appeals you have if you don't have to.

Check Out The New Merchant Resources Page

  • Pinterest must have current (within 24 hours) and accurate information about the price and in-stock status of the product. This is obtained from daily feed syncing or allowing Pinterest to frequently scrape meta-tags on product landing pages.

Merchant Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

Your Shipping Policy I found at the bottom of your site you may want to add an email address or other contact information to your Shipping Policy and provide a link to your policy elsewhere on your site perhaps add an additional section on your navigation bar at the top About Us + Policies....just a thought.

I know from other merchats Pinterest doesn't particular like a lot of Sale Items or when a lot of items are on sale...while I can't offer you specifics on how to deal with sale items you may want to consider making some changes if possible.

Images are often flagged alongside of grammar and typos on merchant sites, that said I noticed on your site that there are some images that could be considered in violation please see below advertising guidelines as they relate to your images please read the last paragraph under Prohibited Content Guidelines and also consider the word 'implied' even if your showing an image of a corset for example and the focus is on a specific area of the body it might be considered implied.

Please read this part of the guidelines Editorial Quality as I noticed some images are using effects that might be considered poor quality.

Be thoughtful with your editorial

  • To keep ads inspiring and actionable, we set high standards for the editorial quality of ads on Pinterest. For tips, check out our creative best practices and boards from The Studio

    Professional and neatly edited images

    Ads should adhere to the highest levels of editorial quality. We don’t allow ads with:

    • Fuzzy, blurry, or grainy images (try at least 600x900 pixels)
    • Images with text that is too small or blurry to read
    • Incorrectly oriented images (upside down or sideways)
    • Poorly edited images or poorly cropped images 
    • Overly busy images that are packed with text overlay or have too many font styles and colors (try no more than 4 frames and 2 font styles or colors)
    • Images with artificial functionality like play or download buttons, notification icons, search bars, or elements that mimic Pinterest features (like our Save or Buy buttons)
    • Elements that mimic Pinterest features (like our buttons or ellipses)
    • Improper grammar, incorrect spelling or excessive capitalization and symbols
    • Low-quality user-generated content like selfies and screenshots
    • Ads with flashing or strobing effects

Prohibited content guidelines

Adult and nudity content

We don’t allow the advertising of:

  • word removed per Community Guidelines
  • Products in the shape of certain body parts (genitals, butts, or female breasts)
  • Adult or pornographic videos, publications, live shows
  • Sexual enhancement products
  • Services that provide casual sex, international matchmaking or escorts
  • Implied sexual activity (clothed or unclothed)
  • The objectification of a person in a sexual manner to sell a product or service

We also don't allow:

  • Nudity or implied nudity (such as blurred out images and illustrations)
  • Implied sexual activity (clothed or unclothed)
  • Any focus on certain body parts (genitals, pubic hair, male or female butts and female breasts)

You can advertise modeled clothing such as bathing suits and word removed per Community Guidelines, as long as the products aren't adult-themed or overtly sexual. However, we don’t allow any imagery featuring minors in underwear and we don't allow imagery featuring minors in swimsuits unless accompanied by adults in the image.

I hope this information will help you and please if you can share what has happened here in the community - often I never hear back from merchants and never know what has happened.


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Thank you very much for your long and clear answer and for your time. We will take into account what you say. Unfortunately, we also used our 2 appeal rights. We hope that after we make the arrangements on our website, we will be on pinterest as verified merchant again. Thank you very much again.

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Unfortunately, we're experiencing the same issue with the VMP and automatically syncing our product catalog. We have received 0 help from customer support. Can you please evaluate our store?

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Pinterest Pioneer


Hi glad you made it to the PBC!

I will definitely have a look and come back to you with some suggestions.


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Pinterest Pioneer



I had a look at your site and there a couple of things that I would suggest fixing and really tightening up, I have shared links to the Merchant Guidelines below and I have copied and pasted pieces of the guidelines as it relates to my suggestions for you.

The Shipping | Return Policies are contradictory and need to be clear and more exact - I noticed that you are using words like usually | maybe which indicates at least to me that its not clear and could potentially present a problem to the customer, Pinterest likes a Shipping Policy, Return Policy to be as clear and accessible as possible. In your Shipping Info section you are telling people essentially if your stuff is stolen don’t call us call UPS or USPS the guidelines that I have highlighted in red below state you the business must handle and be responsible for all customer purchases, invoicing, deliveries et al.

On the Contact Us Page there isn’t a form or contact information - which I have no doubt Pinterest doesn’t like. Its important for people who are purchasing from you to be able to contact you. One thing I do tell merchants is to be as available and transparent as possible - Rule Of Thumb if its not clear to Pinterest then its not clear to your customers.

I had a look at some of your reviews off of your website and the ratings are not good - see below one that I have copied and pasted from Google for your review. In the portion of the guidelines I have pasted below in red you can see that Pinterest can shut down feed et al. based on poor third party reviews. The review I pasted below is one that I found.

Reviewed On 4/24/2021 by Marva B
My experience with this company was not good. Although I contacted the company within 3 days after I received the dress, I was unable to return an expensive dress that did not fit. I spoke with a representative who said they would call me back and never did.

Please read the Merchant Guidelines including any of the guidelines that are listed within the Merchant Guidelines. Please also note that the Merchant Guidelines that merchants must meet before being verified have recently changed and all merchants are required to meet these guidelines in order to be verified this includes current merchants.

General Merchant Guidelines

While Pinterest is not involved in facilitating the purchase, sale or delivery of goods, we want people to have good experiences shopping for products they find on Pinterest. We want merchants to offer the best customer service possible, and that includes setting clear expectations about product quality, price, delivery times and return processes. And, of course, we want merchants to meet those expectations.

Merchants are responsible for making sure they follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes when they use our service. Merchants are also responsible for handling and responding to all purchases, deliveries, customer service questions, complaints, problems and disputes. 

We reserve the right to remove product Pins for violating these guidelines and to shut down feed access from any merchant based on poor third-party ratings or on platform signals such as a record of complaints. We may remove anything for any reason, including Pins, boards or your access to Pinterest. 

I realize that this is not the answer you were looking for but if I am being honest you need to review your site and the guidelines and ensure that you update your site before filing any appeals. I would wait at least 24hrs before you file an appeal after fixing your site and remember you have 30 days to fix any issues with your site.

I hope this helps you.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to come back to the PBC.


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Thanks so much for taking the time to provide valuable feedback - I really appreciate it not only for Pinterest, but for the overall customer experience. That customer wanted to return a final sale outlet item, and the product page clearly said it wasn't eligible for any returns or exchanges.

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Hello @bodymindmood 
I am very confused and hope you can help since you have given valuable advice above. I have been on Pinterest and advertising for years, and I do have original content and a dedicated "about us" page (you can see it at I have been rejected as a Merchant because I don't have a dedicated about page. But clearly I do! 
How do I fix this? It is incredibly frustrating and it seems like no one knows why I am rejected. 
Thanks for your help 
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Pinterest Pioneer


Hi 👋

I read your post and I took a look at your site.

Please note that I do not work for Pinterest - I am providing a response based on my review of your website against the current Pinterest Merchant Guidelines and my past experience and knowledge as a Corporate Law Clerk. I never promise favorable results, your verified status rests entirely with Pinterest and is at their discretion. I always advise every Merchant to review the Merchant Guidelines + all other guidelines listed within the Merchant Guidelines.

There are a number of issues on your site that could have caused you to lose status or to have your status suspended.

The most glaring issue I found is that you are an Affiliate Marketer - as per your Terms of Service Section 20. I have highlighted the issue in red below, I copied and pasted a portion of the Pinterest Merchant Guidelines for you to see.

Terms of Service Section 20Terms of Service Section 20










Below is a section of the Pinterest Merchant Guidelines:

Merchant requirements

  • Merchants must meet the following criteria:

    • Merchants must not be resale or consignment marketplaces.
    • Merchants must not be affiliate marketers.
    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear shipping policy that displays expected shipping time.
    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear return policy, that displays whether the merchant accepts returns, the process and time expectations for returns, and contact information.
    • The merchant must have a dedicated “about us” page detailing their business offering or relevant social media links.
    • Merchants must have a high-quality website and product pages. We don’t allow websites that:
      • Have poor editorial content, including:
        • Improper grammar, excessive or glaring spelling or typos
        • Fuzzy or grainy images
        • Broken links or incomplete pages
      • Have unoriginal content, including:
        • Unoriginal content within the “about us” section or product descriptions
        • Stock images
      • Have domain age less than 9 months
      • Force users to visit another page that is not original to the brand
      • Force users to register to view the products
      • Are unsafe or deceptive
      • Have multiple ads or pop-ups
      • Have pop-ups you cannot close
      • Have out of date content or out-of-stock products


    Its possible that this is the issue and if this is the case then you would not be eligible for the Verified Merchant Program.

    You are welcome to remove this - but I cannot guarantee favorable results from Pinterest.

    I hope this helps.


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Lisa, Thank you SO SO SO Much! It sounds so silly, but I didn't know this was in my terms! I am not an affiliate marketer! This was an automatic term page I applied to my shop for the sake of selling on Google.


Were there any other issues you thought of when viewing my site? You mentioned you saw a few issues?


I would like to accept your solution as the answer to my question! I cannot thank you enough.

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Pinterest Pioneer



I hope you're doing well. I just saw your response - please like | Kudo any responses so I am alerted.

I hope you can remove the noted term above as this would definitely create an issue for you.

A couple of other obvious things I saw that could potentially create problems for you I have noted below.

When I clicked on the link you provided above below is the page I arrived at - I would definitely advise adding a photo there that is clear and free from being grainy or having any photo effects.


landing page for your sitelanding page for your site









The second and obvious thing I noticed was a Popup - below is a photo I took of the popup, I recognize that it is a popup you can close but I would remove it from the main page to be on the safe side.










I would add an About Us - I know you have About but again to play it safe I would add About Us.

I would also add an address | telephone number and other contact information to your Contact Me page and ensure that your email is included and that your email is not a Gmail address, I have seen in the past that Pinterest for some reason does not seem to like Gmail email addresses.

I think the above is a good start - unfortunately, it's difficult for me to know exactly what the issue is and sometimes it's about trial and error when trying to determine what the problem is.

I look forward to hearing back from you.





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