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Verified merchant program rejection

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Without explaining the reasons, the verified seller icon was taken away from my website and website views and purchases dropped more than 20 times.
I'm just in despair when all my letters are answered with the same words "Read the rules for sellers". I have been with Pinterest for over 2 years and everything has been fine. If Pinterest changed its rules and requirements at some point and doesn't say what exactly, it's at least not fair and maybe illegal. I read many posts and see that other sellers have faced this problem too. We want to continue working, to correct "errors", but we are not told what the problem is.

In addition, I had one last attempt left to send a verification request, I was afraid to use it, but recently I received a message that I have no more attempts left and I don't know how to respond to the verified status of the seller. The support team simply does not consider us as people and does not answer anything.

Here are the actions I have taken since the site was taken down in early June:
1. I structured the text of the exchange and return policy in detail and laid out the information as clearly as possible.
There are specified terms and conditions, what can and cannot be returned, and the processing time of the request. In addition, I highlighted and summarized in a separate paragraph the return period (approximately how long the process takes from the received request from the client to the return of funds to his bank account.
2. Over the course of two days, I checked every product on the website in detail and made sure that each of them did not have errors.
Errors were found and fixed, now all products have information about the material from which it is made and an individual detailed size grid that corresponds to the dimensions of each individual product.
3. I checked the social network links (3), they are all listed correctly, open when clicked and have the same name as the brand name.
4. I checked that each product is in the correct product category.
5. In addition, on the page of each product, I added concise information about the terms of delivery and about returns. In addition, on each product page there is a link to the "Delivery Policy" and "Return Policy". In the text of the product, there is an additional call to open and read them.
6. Delivery and return policies, company information, page for contacting the support team are presented in the bottom menu. This menu is visible on every page of the site.
7. I have added a hyperlink to the support mail, so every customer can contact us even more easily.
8. I added a phone number.
9. In the end, I cursed the large section of underwear products, because I thought that the photos from there could be considered too revealing.
I can assume that someone copied my site or part of it without my knowledge and that's why you say that the product description is not original. However, I wrote the description and sizes of the products personally for each product.

I no longer know what I can do and how to submit a new recovery request.

I'm marking here @bodymindmood
because I saw what a sensitive person she was and how she helped other people who had the same problem. Please help if you understand how it can be done

Thank you

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Hello? Are you doing dropshipping?

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I found the reason.
My store was completely stolen and copied about 11 weeks ago. (my store is more than 2 years old). That's when I started having problems. That unscrupulous person completely copied the theme of the site, the list of items with specific names, the description, and all the photos. This person even copied the Instagram page using a special header font and text of course, saved stories and a photos.

What is very interesting is that this person has also completely coried my Pinterest page. She/he made copies of the boards, photos and descriptions of the products.

And it's very interesting how Pinterest behaved.
They took away my verified seller badge, saying that my contact is not original and that I am violating the rules of the seller.
That is, someone conscientiously works on the business for more than 2 years, then someone copies everything in a matter of days, and all Pinterest does is take away your rights, put you on the bottom and do not even provide any explanations.

Don't have tools to compare the publication date of copied boards and photos? It is difficult for me to choose words. This is completely worthless customer service.
I am leaving a link to a copy of my store

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How did you discover that your site was copied?

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Just putting a full name of my product to Google

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