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Unsure if how to fix "Conversion source needs attention"

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I have a shopify shop that i've connected with pinterest. I keep getting an error message saying "Conversion source needs attention, Your conversion source must be fixed to continue. Changes to the source may take up to 24 hours to show an updated conversion health status."

I've clicked through to figure out what needs to be fixed but i just get different API graphs. I've also reset the pinterest app on my shopify. Nothing has worked. I'm not very good with tech so i simple explanation of how to fix this would be really helpful.

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Hi @monasteryjewellery, welcome to the PBC! 🙂 

It seems like your conversion source needs to be updated in order to meet our requirements. Please visit here for more details and ensure that your conversion source sends the following in the last 30 days: 

  1. At least one page visit event
  2. At least one add to cart event
  3. At least one checkout event
  4. Checkout events have currency

A full list of criteria merchants must meet to be eligible for the VMP program can be found in this Help Center article. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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