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Policy violation

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Hello, I have request for products approved from my store to Pinterest but it require me to have full policy lookup witch , which I have on my store and its very clear 

And also age of domain website , that its only 1 month domain, but I'm working to increase the sales through the Pinterest program, so how you team can help me on that?

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Hi @denishalili20, welcome to the PBC and thanks for your question!

To keep shopping inspirational and actionable, we’ve recently added some requirements to the Verified Merchant Program. We now also require that merchants have a domain that has been registered for at least 13 months.

Please make sure that the domain age of your website has reached the required minimum requirement of 13 months in order to be eligible to join the Verified Merchant Program.

You can learn more about other requirements to become a VMP on these articles: Help Center & our Product Release Notes.

Give us a shout if you have any other questions!

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