Need help in fixing merchant guideline violations but can't get help from Pinterest.

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HI All, Happy Veterans day! 🙂  Thank you to all of our Veterans!

Thanks in advance also for any assistance anyone can offer us.  We are in desperate need of assistance with a merchant guidelines violation that I can't get help with via Pinterest.  I have asked several times exactly what needs to be resolved / fixed and they refuse to help us they just send us to the list of guidelines and then tell us our case is closed but we get zero assistance. 🙄 I can't tell what we have done wrong therefore don't know how to fix it and they refuse to assist us. 

Does anyone know if there is anyone that we can speak to or how we can get assistance with this?  We definitely want to fix everything that needs to be fixed but can't get help in knowing what to fix!  We are at our wits end with this. 🙄 Is there anyone out there that can either help us or direct us to someone that can?  Thank you thank you!!🙏

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Hi @TeacupsPawCouture! 😊

I saw that you are resolving this issue on another post here in the PBC. 

Let us know if you need any help!

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