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Merchant's domain URL is broken

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Hi please help me. I am setting up the Shopify/Pinterest link and all was well until I received a "Merchant's domain URL is broken" violation and a form to appeal. I can;t see anything broken. My website is fine and the list of claimed sites looks fine on Pinterest too? Many thanks, Bob

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Hi, Bob Welcome to the PBC!

I read your post, and I'm sorry you have an issue; I'm linking to a recent issue similar to yours that @PinterestFernanda answered. 

Fix broken URL for Catalog upload 

I hope this will help you; if it does not, please come back and let us know.



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hello @bodymindmood @thetinyartco i am also having this same issue. Is there a fix that has worked? 

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Hi Bob, this is Larry. 

I also got the same message you did, I looked up how to create a ticket for violation I was subject to and just wrote a ticket to Pinterest support for them to do a manual review and hopefully they get it done. 

This is the subject on my ticket: Verified merchant status Action needed - Merchant's domain URL is broken

I explained to them what I was doing and so they can understand why it came up. 

Hopefully your issue got solved earlier. 



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I also encountered the same problem, but my domain name was registered in 2021. The prompt information is as follows: 

What policy was violated
This merchant violates our Merchant Guidelines because:
- The merchant's domain URL is broken

Please tell me how to solve it, thank you!


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