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Merchant's domain does not meet brand information requirements

New member

Hi there, are there any guidelines for what Pinterest is looking for here apart from "The merchant must have a dedicated 'About us' page detailing their business offering or relevant social media links."

My Shopify integration is suspended as "Merchant's domain does not meet brand information requirements" and the recommendation is "We recommend ensuring that your domain has an authentic 'About us' section, functional social media links and up-to-date contact information".

Have completed that, resubmitted and the suspension is still in place. I'm hesitant to resubmit as you're only allowed two appeals and I've used one. I assume after that you're 100% suspended.


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Hi there @estemacleod, and welcome to the Community!

In order to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we require merchants on Pinterest to meet our Merchant Guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please review them here, or in the initial email you may have received with more details. You can also review our Help Center article, which explains the eligibility requirements in more detail!

If your account violates the Merchant Guidelines, you will have 2 attempts to correct such violations. If you believe your catalog does meet the requirements and you've used both of these appeals, I would recommend filing a ticket with our support team. They’ll be able to analyze your account and troubleshoot this issue.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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