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Merchant Guidelines problem

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I hope you are doing well.

Pinterest is showing me some problems and I solved it but I do not know why it is still not working
I was a verified merchant but now I am not 

I will post my problems and if anyone could help, please

Merchant's social media links are broken

all my social media links are working and not broke

Merchant's returns policy is unclear or unavailable
My return policy is so clear and shopify accepted it
Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements
How can i solve this
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Hi @nasjfashion and welcome to the PBC! 🙂 

In order to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we require merchants on Pinterest to meet our Merchant Guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please review them here, or in the initial email you may have received with more details. 

If your account violates the Merchant Guidelines, you will have 2 attempts to correct such violations. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

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not helpful

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