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Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements

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I am writing to express my concern and frustration regarding an issue I've been facing with my Pinterest account. I have been an active user of Pinterest for over two years now, and I have always adhered to the guidelines and quality requirements outlined by the platform.

Unfortunately, I recently encountered a problem that has left me perplexed and frustrated. Despite my best efforts to ensure that my website meets all the necessary quality standards, I received an error message stating, "Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements." I have reviewed the guidelines multiple times, made necessary adjustments to my website, and reached out to your team for assistance on ten separate occasions. Regrettably, I have not received the support I expected to resolve this issue.

What's even more concerning is that the blue verification mark, which was previously associated with my verified Pinterest account, has been inexplicably removed. This account verification has been an integral part of my Pinterest experience, allowing me to establish credibility and trust with my followers and audience.

I am kindly requesting your immediate attention and assistance in rectifying these issues. I am more than willing to cooperate and make any necessary adjustments to my website to ensure it meets Pinterest's quality standards. Moreover, I sincerely hope that we can work together to restore the blue verification mark to my account, which I have maintained diligently for an extended period.

I understand that Pinterest has millions of users, and technical glitches can occur from time to time. However, I believe in the strength of your platform's customer support and hope that this matter can be resolved promptly. I am dedicated to maintaining a positive and productive presence on Pinterest, and I would greatly appreciate your help in achieving that goal.

Please let me know what specific steps I need to take to address the quality requirements concern and to have the blue verification mark reinstated on my account. Your assistance in this matter would be immensely valuable to me.

Thank you for your time and understanding. I am looking forward to your prompt response and resolution of this pressing issue.

Best regards,

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Hi @hunnylifestore, welcome to the PBC! 

In order to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational and actionable, we require merchants on Pinterest to meet our Merchant Guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please review them here, or in the initial email you may have received with more details. You can also review our Help Center article, which explains the eligibility requirements in more detail!

If your account violates the Merchant Guidelines, you will have 2 attempts to correct such violations. Thank you.


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