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Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements for Catalog

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Hi all, 


Trying to figure out why Pinterest keeps denying us for their catalog. 


Their first reason was "We recommend ensuring that your domain has an authentic 'About Us' section, functional social media links and up to date contact information" 


And then we appealed because our website has all of the above.


Then their second reply was "Review our Merchant Guidelines for more detailed information on how you can get your products on Pinterest" and they didn't provide any more information. 


Not sure why they're denying us and I'm not sure what to do. We only have one appeal left. 


Our website is pressurebands (dot) com


Thanks so much, 


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Thank you so much for the link! I will reach out to the team now!

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Can Pinterest support team clearly let us know what's exactly the issue is for the following reason?

Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements

We are trying to figure out and fix the issues. Why Pinterest support team can't point it out directly? Fill out that form and contact your supoort team and we will still get the same answer. We need to fix the issue not just get a unclear answer. 

Thank you.

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Same issue i got, 

"Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirement."

I cant understand that what's the issue in this? How i can resolve it, very much frustrated and in a depression. Please help and guide me. How to and what to do in that?



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Hi @neulonsofficial! We answered your questions here in this other post
Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you. 

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Hi I have the same problem and I have also emailed  the team but they just said that I had not met the minimum website requirements . I will appreciate if the feedback is more specific and not too general.

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same issue no details given just a vague policy list and you only get two appeals so what chance does it give you to sort the issue, yet my shop is on instagram and facebook no problem

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