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Fix your conversion source to continue your application

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How do I fix this? My account is linked via Shopify. I was originally approved merchant, but now this email has come, "
Your application to Pinterest's Verified Merchant Program is underway! Unfortunately, you need to fix issues with your conversion source to continue enrollment.".  How do I fix this issue? I followed the steps by clicking the link, but still had the same issue. Please help.


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Hi @sasssiecosmetics, welcome to the PBC! 

Ensure that your conversion source in your case, your Pinterest Tag, sends the following in the last 30 days:

1. At least one page visit event

2. At least one add to cart event
3. At least one checkout event
4. Checkout events have currency.

Bear in mind that even if one of these are missing, you'll continue to get the conversion source issue.

It can take up to seven days after an event is fired for the Pinterest Tag to be considered healthy, so you'll just need to wait for it to be updated. I would recommend checking Ads > Conversions and making sure that Pinterest is receiving the Tag fire information. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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