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English and Spanish languages: one account or two

New member

We are Spanish and we are based in Barcelona.

We currently have one Pinterest account in two languages: English (for items we sell on Etsy) and Spanish for items we sell on our Shopify website. The latter is Verified Merchant.

Is it a good idea for the future to have two separate accounts, one for each language?

We know that the Etsy account can no longer be a Verified Merchant, but we thought that everything would be clearer and it would be easier to work.

Thanks for your opinions and advice.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @juanjogallery ! My opinion is to have one account. I have seen amazing creators create the exact same content in two different languages while posting from one account.

That's because I believe most users on Pinterest are searching in English. Therefore, that is a strategy to appeal to a larger audience. However, so many people get excited to see Spanish content, too. If you post from 1 account, you are more likely to capture both audiences for higher impressions (more eyes will then be on your products)!

Please let me know if this makes sense and best wishes!

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