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I've been a long time Pinterest user but within this past year I started to focus more on adding Pinterest into my social media strategy for both my personal platform as well as for my clients. Recently I have noticed a spike on my personal platform due to me uploading my TikTok videos as a form of spreading content to multiple platforms. When I first started uploading them, I didn't have a huge expectation for what would happen but I have been seeing amazing numbers from them. This is has gotten me to start trying more video content on Pinterest rather than just photos and links. I was curious though, because TikTok has been trending a lot this past year, is that contributing to the growth in views and saves or is it just the video content?  Doing some more testing on my account but I was interested in getting other perspectives! 

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I've had GREAT success repurposing TikTok videos on Pinterest and linking to the related article on my website. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone! 

I think video pins, in general, perform really well, but TikTok videos will definitely have a different look and feel than doing a regular video pin.

I don't have any "why it works so well" to offer, but I highly recommend people test it out.

BTW, are you @jaida.brinkley on TikTok? The pic looks like you, so I followed! (from healthyambitions)


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This is a super interesting topic to start, @jaidabrinkley_! Thanks for sharing your experience with this too, @healthyambitionsteam

I'd be curious to hear if anyone else in the community has seen similar success? 

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