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Succeed in Pinterest

New member

Hi, I’ve heard this type of comments like: “succeed in Pinterest is not that easy”.

And I do not agree with that, I think if you take the app seriously and focus on what you like to do and what other people likes, you’re going to succeed a lot.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @inspobysara , welcome to the PBC!
I love your perspective, and it does make sense.

Like anything else we put our minds to, we can achieve success as long as we put in the work.

In the case of Pinterest, learning how it works, learning how people react, what they are looking for and putting effort into creating inspiring content is a must.

Also success is different for different creators. I'm a believer that creating content is not just to go viral, but to inspire, give value and put my own ideas out there! Creating content is also a fantastic tool for us to learn our own voice and become for confident.

Thanks for being here!

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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