Should we up-haul our Pinterest and start again?

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We've never really given much serious thought to our pinterest. It has just ticked along. But it does get a fair amount of traffic and we feel its about time we gave it a bit more attention. 

From what I've been reading I'm aware that our imagery isn't currently ideal. Most of our product pictures are square and in boards without much else. I've been making better pin friendly imager - one example attached.  Which will link to blog posts and so on. 

I've read that one way to thank of your Pinterest is as if it where a magazine for your target customer. 

My question is, should we epically up-haul our boards and essentially start again. Or just work with what is already there and try to make it better? 

Any suggestions and advice greatly appreciated.


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@jduance   I went over & has a look at your Pinterest account & on the "Saved" tab where your boards reside... I see a lot of room for improvement in the way they are "ordered" and you should also make a board that is named after you blog/site & drag it into the first position to the right of the "All Pins" board. That way if you get someone visiting they can easily find your own pins & hopefully visit your blog/site.

I'm in the food niche, but I would like you to visit my account & see the way I have my boards set up. They may give to some ideas of how to arrange your own:   I would also encourage you to have a look at some of my pin descriptions to give you an idea of how to set up your own descriptions.

I suggest that you take the FREE courses at the Pinterest Academy. You can learn a lot & get a lot of good insights into what to do & not do on Pinterest:

I've been with Pinterest for about 6 - 7 years & I get 90% of all my blog traffic from Pinterest. So I would encourage you to utilize Pinterest as much as possible. Hope that helps!

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