Rejected Details List (April)

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All the pins I submitted for “Details List” in April got rejected (4 pins total)!! 
I made sure to exceeded the requirements (of at least 3 supplies) and took the longest on this goal. This one was for a lot of $$

Anyone else? How do you appeal results? 

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I followed all the directions and got 1/4 rejected so confusing. I just submitted another to see if it gets approved but I usually struggle with them not being reviewed/approved in the last few days. 

Anna @mycancerchic
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Yes, my saves goal was just rejected but it has the same format as my other Idea Pins. I KNOW it shouldn't have been rejected, I submitted a ticket and am hoping for the best. 

I am  bummed because literally that one pin just cost $1600 😞

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Mine was rejected too.

Elizabeth A Kelsey
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I'm having this same issue for May. Wondering if you actually got credit for these at the end of April?

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