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I am in utter shock. Last night, I decided to search a very particular keyword that I rank well for on Pinterest. It's been a URL on my site for quite some time. I'm not in spam as I could find other pins for other urls, however, my pins, ALL of them for this particular keyword are GONE. I can't even find them under "my pins". 

Where did they go? I've filed out two support tickets and the one responded and already closed my ticket and said he'd refer me. He decided to refer me to a department that doesn't correlate with this issue. 

What gets me though is that when you type in this particular search, pins are showing up that don't contain all of the keywords. 

Oh I need to add that I found SPAM accounts that stole my pin. I haven't even filed DCMAs on anyone in months so I know I wasn't targeted for anything. 

I had planned on redoing the photos this weekend and taking an ad out but now, that's not going to happen either. Then to top it off, I tried to upload a video pin for this same URL to see if a new pin would go, the last one for this URL was 8 weeks ago. Wanna guess what didn't go? That's right, the video pin wouldn't get approved then disappeared. 

@PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice any suggestions?


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Hey @MomSkoop, can you send me the ticket # so I can see what happened with support? Look forward to hearing from you. 

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