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I'm an art creator. I make videos on handmade crafts, paintings, and DIYs. 

How long does it take for a brand to approve the partnership? And will the art and craft companies agree and support it? 


Thanks in advance 

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @mintmellow_art!

For the most part, it's up to the Creator to develop a relationship with a brand, pitch them, and work out the details of the arrangement. So, the time that it takes for a brand to approve a paid partnership label will vary - depending on what you've pre-negotiated with that brand. 

Pinterest continues to build tools and resources to support us on this front. I suspect they are also working on programs to match creators with brands, but I haven't seen anything specific yet on this - outside of the Creator Fund, which is not currently open for enrollment. 

As far as art and craft companies - again, it's mostly up to Creators right now to pitch them and "make a case" for the value of branded / paid / UGC (user generated) content. So, you can check out the tips for pitching in the article I've linked below. 

A few resources to help you learn more: 

Here’s Pinterest’s help center article about Paid Partnerships for Creators: 

Check out the Brand Partnerships Workshop replay. (It’s a recording of the live workshop from June 2022!): 

I recently wrote this blog post about How to Secure Paid Pinterest Brand Partnerships: 

This thread also has some good resources - including some “how to use the tool” details:

This is an evolving topic, so stay active here in the forum - and also join the Creator newsletter for updates: 

I hope this helps kickstart your research on this subject! 

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