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Hello, my name is Marta, and recently started to use Pinterest more frequently and was hoping to get some guidance on how to most efficiently use it. Especially when it comes to converting your views to followers. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Marta and welcome to PBC! 👋🏼

I'm glad you've decided not to "sleep" on Pinterest and start being consistent.

While I have no idea of your niche or goals in using Pinterest in your creator/business journey, I can tell you that creating relevant, valuable, and inspirational content is key as also being consistent and pinning daily. Pinners will follow if your content is relevant to their needs and also if you manage to constantly create a positive place for them, remember that Pinterest is one of few platforms (not a social media one) that pride itself in being a very positive place where people come for inspiration.

But what I want to highlight here is that on Pinterest these vanity metrics like the number of followers do not have the same relevance as on social media platforms, so I have to ask you why are you focusing on this aspect?

It's a good starting place for a conversation to understand what are the best moves for you on Pinterest and how to use it more efficiently. 

Another great practice is to interact with your Pinterest profile and community to gain insights on how you can serve them better. Reach out, ask questions, check your analytics and see what Pins are performing better, check Pinterest Trends to learn what your audience wants to be inspired with, and take action on that. Because the true success on this platform is when people take a true value and wholesome impact from your pins, and they might not be always your followers, even if you have like 10 or 10k. 

Here's a good starting place to learn about how you can build your community on Pinterest.


  • make sure you create fresh pins daily and use Idea Pins 
  • curate your boards and keep them up to date, and add relevant descriptions using keywords, may pinners like to follow just boards
  • if you use other mediums/platforms to promote yourself, ask your followers there to check you on Pinterest too
  • be consistent, make pinning a creative and positive daily habit 
  • have patience - the results fire back slower on this platform, but with way more power than on other platforms.

I hope this helps and do ask questions here, we're happy to support you! 💜

Iulia G. | co:creatrix | SM Specialist in love with Pinterest and Herbalism.
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Good morning Marta,

It is so much fun to see your followers grow🥰 seeing them relate to your pins and reading their very kind & supportive comments are energizing. I think you should feel good about why you are using Pinterest & see it as a part of your daily reading & researching ( you need to be consistent) for me creating an idea pin is an exciting task because I like to see how everyone sees it & relates to it. As they always say do what makes you happy, & that makes the pining part so much easier, & soon you notice others that relate to you are following you 🙌 Have a good day☀️

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You're getting some great feedback @marta_kova! One thing I would add is that I think you don't have to pin daily, as long as you are consistent. Even creating 1 or 2 high-quality, helpful and inspiring pins per week can help you grow. Over time, a little becomes a lot! 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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