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Markalı içerik nasıl yapabilirim?

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  • How do I become a real content creator?
  • How should I start producing branded content?
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@httpschirs - welcome to the PBC! So it depends how you define a "real" content creator. Technically, anyone who is creating content on Pinterest is a creator. So if you're pinning original content, you're a Creator! 

But perhaps you're defining real as getting paid for creating? If so, there are many ways that people use Pinterest to earn money. Right now, there is a lot of discussion and focus in this forum on the Creator Rewards program and on paid partnerships with brands. 

I'll drop you a few links here so you can start reading up on those. 


1) Here's a link to Pinterest's resource round-up for Creators. It's a great place to start:


2) Check out the Brand Partnerships Workshop replay here: (It’s a recording of the live workshop from June 2022!):

Keep in mind that, for the most part, it's up to the Creator to develop a relationship with a brand, pitch them, and work out the details of the arrangement. Pinterest continues to build tools and resources to support us! 


3) Here are the details, eligibility requirements, etc about the Creator Rewards program:  (Keep in mind, the program is still in beta right now!) 


I hope the above resources start to answer some of your questions. We're excited for you as you get started! 


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