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Hey everyone,

   So my regular pins get pretty good stats for a small creator (1k-50k) but my idea posts only get in the hundreds. Any one know why or tips for idea pins to gain some traction? Also I have creator hub but not creator rewards?

Just couple questions from a new small Pinterest creator<3

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi, @emmashane_ . 

This article from Pinterest is one I read and re-read whenever I'm thinking about growth on the platform - including discoverability. It's so helpful: 


You may also want to check your Idea Pins against the "Creative Best Practices" in the Idea Pin section of this article: 


And to answer your last question, here are the details, eligibility requirements, etc about the Creator Rewards program:  (Keep in mind, the program is still in beta right now.) 


Getting good reach (views) on Pinterest takes time. It's really all about consistently creating your own original pins that truly inspire and solve problems for your audience.

The more we create, the more we can see what's working and lean into it. So, it's a journey! 

I hope these resources are helpful for you. 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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