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I think my account has been flagged as spam

Just visiting

Hi there,

My account is @sarawatsonim and I have been a Pinterest user since the beginning and slowly have grown my account over the last decade+ to over 100,000 followers which is something that I am proud of. I noticed several days ago that Pinterest traffic has all but stopped for me. In all these years there have been ebbs and flows, but it has never been like this. One day normal traffic then the next day, all but stopped. 

So the paranoid me comes out, and I use my daughter's account to run a search for my pins and there are absolutely no results that go to my website. It is like thousands of my pins have just disappeared. The only pins it pulls when searching my blog name either go to an image file, or someone else's account (so stolen pins). 

I have played the game and followed the rules. I keep updated and follow the best practices. All my content is original, created by me for my website. I use idea pins even though they don't drive website traffic. And after all these years I have all been but wiped from the site. 

Can someone please tell me what is going on because I am shocked, and disappointed that this has happened. I feel like it had to be accidentally flagged as spam or something for it to suddenly just stop, and for my pins stop showing in search results.

Thanks for your time,


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @sarawatsonim ,

I just replied to this question in the Creators Conversations post you've published here:

I hope this helps!

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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