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how does the advertisement post work?

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Hi guys! I have been trying to do some research but cant seem to get an answer on how exactly it works? Do companies need to reach out to you? Does it need to be a paid promotion? Can anyone help on the advertisement posts and creator fund? Just want to make sure i am doing it correct:)

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi, @jessicammunn! From your post, I think I'm gathering that you're mainly asking about paid partnership tools. 

If so, check out the Brand Partnerships Workshop replay. (It’s a recording of the live workshop from June 2022!): 

This thread also has some good resources - including some “how to use the tool” details: 

For the most part, it's up to the Creator to develop a relationship with a brand, pitch them, and work out the details of the arrangement. Pinterest continues to build tools and resources to support us!


Meanwhile, the Creator Fund is a separate program, and the Creator Rewards is yet another separate program. 

The Creator Fund is a 5-week program focused on educating and teaching creators form underrepresented communities how to succeed on the platform. It's open now (through 8/3) for applications. More info at: 

Creator Rewards is a program (in beta) for creators to earn money for creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest. To learn more about Creator Rewards click here:


Hope these help! 


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