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Favorite Idea Pin Builder Features?

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi, all! I'd like to gather some intel about your favorite Idea pin builder features.

By sharing ours, we'll likely inspire others to try them out and we can all learn some new "tricks!" 

Here's mine: 

I find the "split clip" feature to be sooooo helpful.

I have a client who has been creating some really awesome step-by-step type videos... but they have been a little longer of late. (Because there's more detail.) The clip splitter allows me to easily upload the video - but then split it into more digestible chunks. I split them at the natural transition points - step 1, step 2, step 3. I can even add text overlay (literally: "Step 1: _________") help make the 3 step process even more clear and easy to follow. 

What features are you using and loving - in the Idea Pin builder (on mobile, where all the good tools are!) 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Thank you @JanaOMedia for this! I guess I've overlooked that feature, it's a time saver!

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@JanaOMedia @michaelbliss 

I actually use the reorder feature a lot - I have an idea of the order and then create the pin and realize that I need to adjust the order.

Love the question thanks for asking.


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