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Did you attend our Creator Mental Health virtual event? Connect with other creator attendees here!

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For those of you who attended our Creator Mental Health panel today, we hope you enjoyed the event!!  We wanted to start a topic for people to connect, swap their Pinterest handles and share more about creation and mental health. This is what community is all about, after all. 💜

We hope everyone has a well-rested and relaxing holiday as we close out 2022 and start a new chapter in 2023! 


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It was so great meeting everyone. Thank you for starting this @PinterestGabby. My Pinterest handle is @beboldwithkatah. I'm in the wellness space with the focus of self love and manifestation so this is something I am constantly posting and talking about. I have a board on Breathwork you can check out here with some exercises it's one of the top wellness tools. I'll be adding on more soon. I host monthly full moon Breathwork circles if anyone is interested in joining, breathing and gaining clarity around your desires. Looking forward to reading other peoples responses and connecting. Happy Holidays! Great way to end it. 

Kathleen Aharonian - Embodiment Coach
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Thank you so much for creating this space for us, it was great to connect with others & discuss the different ways we find motivation, creativity, & a sense of peace as creators! 

I’m Lynae (Libra Moonstone) & I’m a Metaphysical Geologist in the Spirituality & Wellness space! Im really big on finding magic in the mundane, answering the why, & looking at the beauty in practicality (e.g. toxic positivity is not practical) — so this was a great space to be in! 

you can find me at the following —

instagram — libramoonstone 


hope everyone has a lovely mars day & I hope to connect soon! 

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Hi all! I'm Felicia aka @hellohomegirl. I really enjoyed hearing from other people on how they take care of their wellness and creativity. It was definitely food for thought and sparked a moment of reflection for me!

Thanks all for sharing! ♥️

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Hi @PinterestGabby!

I actually missed it, but I would love to watch the replay. Do you know if there is a link I can use? Thanks so much.

Isabel Talens
Business strategist & Pinterest expert
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Happy Holidays and New Year 🎉! Thank you for the community gatherings and resources.!!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@isabeltalensmthere won't be a replay of the event.

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