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Yayy the creator fund is back open…can’t wait to see all the awesome food content!🥐🧁

Does anyone know if there is a way for creators that do not make this form of content to get rewarded? I know creator rewards is in beta and that the fund only acknowledges creators of a certain niche, as a creator in the fashion/lifestyle niche who has had much success on my account over the year(s) I would love to participate in one of these programs but can’t seem to make it. Anyone know something I don’t? 

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Hi @ryliec79

The Creator Fund (which is totally separate from the Creator Rewards program, FYI!) is on its fourth cycle of 2022. So this cycle is for food creators - but other cycles this year were for health & wellness; home & DIY... and I can't remember off the top of my head if fashion and/or beauty was the first vertical this year... 

But I am fairly certain they will open applications some time next year for a cohort in the fashion and beauty verticals. Watch this space! 🙂 

Oh, and are you signed up for the Creator Newsletter? That's another good way to be sure you'll hear those types of announcements. Sign up here: 


The Creator Fund is a 5-Week Accelerator program for Creators. 

Meanwhile, the Creator Rewards program is the on-platform monetization and is separate from the Fund. 

Here are the details, eligibility requirements, etc about the Creator Rewards program:  (And yes, the program is still in beta right now!)

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