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Best Part of Being on Pinterest?

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What are your best Pinterest practices or Pinterest tools that you have found helped your business? I would love to see what helps you all and what you have found has helped to grow and shape your business.  Or are there articles on the Pinterest blog that have helped you with learning ads, or other tools on Pinterest?

Thank you and looking forward to seeing what works for you all!


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Wow that is really great question! As Pinterest is visual search engine it is easier to show your products via images. This helps your customers to remember your products easily. Sharing high quality content will help you increase your engagments, also use some text overlays on your pins. I often use text on my pins so people can understand what my pin is about.

Check for help, they often share helpful information about pinterest.


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Thank you! I love hearing how others use Pinterest and great point about the visual for products! 🙂 


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