What is Pinterest doing to deal with stolen pins?

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I'd love to hear how Pinterest is planning to deal with the ever-increasing stolen pins on Pinterest? I'd rather spend my time making new content than tracking down stolen pins, yet, I find that I have to set aside hours to do just that.  

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Dumb question...how do you even find your stolen pins?


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The first thing Pinterest can start doing is stop blocking/spamming out/shadow banning original content creators. IT happens on the daily with real websites, creators and then the spam gets pushed higher. It cannot be that hard to have a verified system on URLs. Additionally, since PInterest operates on an image system that can detect the same image for its anatlyics as well as DCMAs, it should be easy to register our images to our account by image match. In May I had to file over 500 DCMAs to remove my OWN images that had been stolen and were beating my own SEO with my image (using my SEO as well). And then the spammers have this whole system where they use forwarding URLs so if they get banned, their final destination URL isnt banned. We need a lot more manual checks on URLs. 

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A stolen pin is when spam accounts take one of our pins, download the image to their computer, and create a new pin that redirects to their spammy site or they use an affiliate link to Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.


No, what you are doing isn't stealing.  You are repinning pins.  Two totally different things. 😀

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I found 12 of mine stolen today. The spammers aren't even cropping off my logo. Which is even worse than just having a pin that redirects to another website. I can't believe Pinterest doesn't have the technical know how, the resources, or will to take care of this problem.

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pinterest has blocked my domain from wix and my google images, so I can't pin images from them. These are those 2 links:





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This does not make sence? Or am I misunderstanding you. What about new pinners? They all might like the pin you have posted. So then you want a cut off?  I posted pic's I loved from my own private collection...but when I posted it,  I posted it to be shared. That I understand is the beauty of Pinterest. Once you pin it you''ve given it away.  Though I must say in the past one had always know where it came from...and you could see how many times  your pic was pinned. That was a big  loss.....but still when you post ..its gone.....as far as I understand???


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